Centro Tecnológico

Positivo Associate Degree Centers was founded in February 2009, with the aim of meeting specific market demands through higher technology courses. It offers objective, practical and fast courses, lasting from two to three years, in the areas of Business (Batel unit), Industry (CIC unit), Design and Hospitality (Ecoville unit). In the Positivo Associate Degree Centers, the Microsoft Innovation Center in Curitiba was established, resulting from a partnership between Microsoft and TechResult, through which students have access to courses, lectures and downloading software. Currently, the Technology Center provides services to about 2.000 students.

Centro Tecnológico Positivo
Among its differentials are state of the art infrastructure with modern and specialized facilities and laboratories; faculty with practical experience, composed of professionals coming from labor markets; supply of disciplines in modular formats; curricula of the courses designed in partnership with companies; and close relationship and partnership between the institution and national and international corporations.

In these 10 years of Positivo University, I have participated participated in the implementation of several major projects, including the School of Business and the Technology Center. In this way, the UP always stood firm by its values: Knowledge, Ethics, Work and Progress. It is noteworthy that these values led to the university building. Currently, the community sees UP as a reference to quality and strong brand teaching , which causes us deep satisfaction and the conviction that we are on the right track. 

Alexandre Daniel Rosa – Director of Positivo Associate Degree Centers – CIC Unit.