Colégio Positivo

With three units in Curitiba, Positivo School started a teaching system which was developed and carried across the country and abroad. Positivo school provides education to students from elementary level to high school, and it is committed to upbring ethical and responsible citizens aware of their social role. With high quality teaching, unique projects, education technology and a privileged infrastructure, the institution inspires students to learn with multiple intelligence stimulus. Students are offered a wide range of complementary sports and cultural activities, as well as special English classes, controlled by the Positivo Language Centre, which is an authorized centre for the application of international proficiency tests from Cambridge ESOL.  


Positivo School – “Júnior”
Elementary, Primary and Comprehensive Bilingual Education 

Positivo School – “Jardim Ambiental”
Elementary, Primary and High School education

Positivo School – “Ângelo Sampaio”
High School education

Positivo School – “Internacional”
Early Education (Pre I and Pre II) and Primary Education I

Colégio Positivo

I consider an advantage that my children are studying at a large school, where everybody, from the principal to the inspector, knows the students by their names. I completed the Basic Education at Positivo School and what I learned there gave me very sound basis for my entire life. Today, I trust the institution to teach my children who will learn values and become good citizens in addition to studying. 

Marcelo Rossa, Father of Giulia, Giovanna and Gustavo, all students at  Positivo  School