Positivo was born in 1972 from the ideal of a group of visionary teachers. It was built by people determined to do their best in finding excellence. Taking knowledge, ethics, work and progress as core values, a history of entrepreneurship and boldness was established and it is now celebrating 40 years.

Over the course of time, from the printing company and the preparatory course for the university entrance exam, schools were established and new initiatives led ventures in publishing, in higher education, in the computing industry and in the area of educational technology. More recently, there have been investments in the cultural and entertainment area, in Positivo Theatre - one of the largest and most comprehensive theatres of our country – and in the event centers in Curitiba, capital of the state of Paraná.  

Fachada da Central do Positivo

Today, the brand Positivo contributes significantly to the development of Brazil and it is present in over 40 countries with products and services developed by its companies. It has consolidated its leadership in all areas in which it operates: Teaching, Educational Solutions, Technology, Graphics, Culture and Entertainment.

If we analyse the company’s course, we will see that over 40 years Positivo has fulfilled the mission conceived by its founders and embraced by those engaged in the group: to build a better world through education, technology and knowledge.

Funcionários na linha de montagem da Positivo Informática

It is rewarding to know that my work and the efforts of all the group's employees contribute in order to build a better society.

Hélio Bruck Rotenberg, Chairman of Positivo Group