Instituto Positivo

Positivo Institute was founded in 2012 to maximize the actions of social responsibility of the companies and Positivo educational units.

Its mission is to contribute to the social improvement of the communities that interact with the Positivo Group by connecting people, talents and knowledge. In order to achieve this, it works in synergy with other units of the group, applying knowledge and technology as well as the talents of their employees, students and partners.

It is active in two different fronts: social responsibility and private social investment.

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Instituto Positivo will act on two fronts:

Social Responsibility Management Group
Positivo Institute acts as an inductor of practices and implements programmes that establish the position or enlarge the social responsibility scope in Positivo Group. It also shares the best practices in the market.

One of the efforts that illustrates this position is the commitment with the reduction of environmental impacts. Further 10 units have just been certified with the ISO 14.001, a well-known and respected international standard. It establishes the requirements for a consistent environmental management. Since two years ago, the SGA started to be put into action in four units of Positivo School, in two units of Positivo Course, in the Positivo University, in the Technology Centres of Batel and Ecoville and in the central administration of the Positivo Group in Curitiba, in the state of Paraná. The ten new units follow the example of Posigraf and Positivo Informatics that have already got the SGA implemented and certified in the ISO standard 14.001.

Another initiative is the publication of the Sustainability Report in accordance with the international methodology Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). For Positivo it represents a major management instrument that helps the engagement of its several units of business, and offers more transparency about their performance. The goal is to identify risks and opportunities in sustainability and then design concrete action plans that allow perfect practices.

Private Social Investment Management
Positivo Institute addresses social investment in three areas: education – as a priority in line with the vocation of the group, environment and social mobility. Besides, it manages the donations of the Positivo Group.

In line with the mission of the Group, Positivo Institute puts its own projects into practice and supports social initiatives promoted by the units of Positivo Group and their partners in the several regions where they are active.

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Positivo Institute was founded with the goal of making our values tangible and maximize synergy in educational, social and environmental activities existing in the group. It is a great source of pride to complete 40 years and add this contribution to society.

Hélio Bruck Rotenberg, Chairman of Positivo Institute.