Grupo Positivo

Mission, Vision and Values


To work towards the development of a better prepared human-being who is able to build a better world. To reach this goal through comprehensive education and technological innovation, based on the principles of knowledge, ethics, work, and progress


To set standards in the global and domestic markets in the areas of education, informatics and editorial graphic design and enjoy market recognition and improvement of quality of life as fruits of the free enterprise system.


Positivo Group is driven by four core values: knowledge, ethics, work and progress.

Knowledge is the consciousness people have about the Universe and about the theories proposed to explain Nature, life and its mysteries. Men acquire knowledge and knowledge leads them into an inner transformation. Following, new challenges are imposed. Knowledge is the light that alows men to choose their way.
Ethics is the art of proceeding in the right path, the only way to reach the greatest value: happiness. In order to do this, men must not only avoid the bad ways but also do good as much as possible as a way to avoid evil for not having practiced good deeds.
Work is the application of force and human faculties (reason, feelings and will) to reach a certain goal. The real work is not only done by hands but also by reason and by the heart . While working, men change Nature, society and, mainly, themselves.
Progress is movement, full march, forward thinking, evolution, improvement, civilization and development, from which we have the accumulation of material assets and intelectual and moral development capable of transforming life into a meaningful experience.