Universidade Positivo

In 2010, Positivo University celebrated 24 years of existence. In more than two decades, the institution, which started as Positivo College, has expanded very significantly: from five undergraduation courses, it came to provide 48 (28 Bachelor’s degree and 20 Technological Senior Courses). In the area of graduation studies, it offered two specializations and a master programme in 1988. Today it has dozens of specialization courses and MBA, four masters and two doctorate programmes. The institution also promotes hundreds of extension programmes.

Universidade Positivo

In 1998, ten years after its inauguration, Positivo College became Positivo University Centre, offering 18 undergraduation courses. In 2000, the institution moved its campus to the especially designed and built area of 410,000 sqm, in Campo Comprido neighborhood, Curitiba, providing academic comfort and convenience,such as incentives to the professional or charitable performance for the communities in the region. In 2008, the Ministry of Education authorized the status alteration from Positivo University Centre into Positivo University.

In 2008, Positivo University, known in Brazil as UP achieved university status. This change brought to the institution a strong connection among teaching, research and extension. The excellence in teaching had already been reached when the university was still a college (Centro Universitário Positivo, UNICENP), but it was expanded to research and extension. This was a step forward not only to the local community but also to the state of Paraná. Positivo University believes that social gains are strongly connected to the expansion of education, innovation and technology, especially when the mission is fulfilled under the quality requirements and this is the UP’s major commitment.  

José Pio Martins - Provost of Positivo University.