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Five years ago, we took on a great commitment toward society: managing our social, environmental and economic impacts to contribute even more to the development of Brazil. This year, we are publishing our third Sustainability Report, an important account of how Grupo Positivo has matured while seeking to work more sustainably.

We determined broad topics which reflect our vision of sustainability and on which we focus primarily in our everyday activities. We believe being sustainable means acting not only in an environmentally correct manner, but also in a socially fair and economically feasible manner. Accordingly, education is our starting point and primary focus. We believe it is Positivo’s main contribution to Brazil since it has a direct impact on building a more egalitarian society.

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Title 'Our vision of sustainability'

Positivo’s main contributions to sustainability are its commitment to educational quality, innovative teaching methods and humanistic critical education. Those guidelines–coupled with the values of knowledge, ethics, work and progress–govern the management of our businesses.

We believe we have a duty to develop our employees, act ethically and reduce our environmental impacts while adding value to our business and promoting the development of society. As we see it, achieving good economic and financial results by means of an ethical conduct allows us to inspire and encourage our peers, suppliers and the entire school community to join a network for positive change, based on the principles of sustainable development.

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Title 'About sustainability'

We used the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines, adopted by organizations worldwide, to determine the contents of this report. The GRI guidelines help focus on what is relevant to the organization’s business. This makes sustainability tangible in the everyday life of all those who are part of the organization. In 2014, we determined seven relevant topics and adopted a crosscutting approach to them:

We will be describing our strategies to manage those material topics, as well as our main initiatives and results, in 2014 and 2015 throughout this report. By sharing our achievements and challenges in managing those topics in a transparent manner, we have built a positive network comprised of our employees, customers, suppliers, public authorities, students, students’ parents and the school community as a whole. If we work together, we believe we can move forward in achieving our goals.

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